Z-Wave Interview Issue

I have recently moved my Z wave stick to a new device I have previously done this in the past with no issues however this time none of the nodes are interviewing, I have excluded and reinclude some of the nodes and still they will not interview, I have tried scoring the forum and google and can’t seem to find anything. Any help would be much appreciated

Are they battery operated devices? If so they are asleep most of the time, you need to wake them up explicitly using whatever procedure the device in question specifies in the manual.

Also, make sure you attach the stick using an USB extension cable and preferrably in an USB2 port. USB3 can cause interference.

There are a mixture of battery and usb powered, the stick is connected to a raspberry pi with one the nodes directly next to it, I will try the usb extension and report back.

Did you add the mains powered first, working from close to the RPI outward and included the battery powered last, so you create a stable mesh?

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I have tried with a usb cable and started closest to the Zwave stick they have all included but only one has successfully interviewed