Z-Wave JS add-on for core installation

I am running debian and core HA. I have running zwave-js server but there is no integration point in HA core.
how to get that working …
I do not want supervisor and docker or anything else…
Is this possible?

If you are running the zwave-js-server standalone, then you install the integration the same way any integration is installed.

Go to Configuration >> Integrations in the UI. Click the “Add integration” button in the bottom right and from the list of integrations, select “Z-Wave JS” and follow the instructions shown.

See also the detailed instructions in the zwave_js integration docs.

You can also click this link to install the zwave_js integration on your own installation:
Open your Home Assistant instance and start setting up a new integration.

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Thanks much,.problem is that integration does not exist in core.
I will try the link you included…
Yes he server is up and running on separate account
Let you know …

The integration has existed in HA core as of release 2021.2.


I did HA upgrade
Successfully installed MarkupSafe-2.0.1 aiohttp-3.7.4.post0 astral-2.2 attrs-21.2.0 backports.zoneinfo-0.2.1 certifi-2021.5.30 cryptography-3.3.2 homeassistant-2021.6.3 jinja2-3.0.1 python-slugify-4.0.1 pyyaml-5.4.1 requests-2.25.1 voluptuous-0.12.1 voluptuous-serialize-2.4.0 yarl-1.6.3

Thanks freshcoast, this actually worked and web socket connection worked to port 3000.