Z-wave JS and Z-Wave integration

I installed the z-wave js-addon.
Then I try to install the z-wave integration.
I have to select a connection method.
I indicate I want to use the z-wave js supervisor addon.
If I continue, I get ‘Can’t make connection’ (in Dutch, so I don’t know the exact translation.)

It must be a beginner’s mistake… but can someone help me out?

I don’t use the add-on but I’m not sure if the add-on that you installed is the same as the supervisor add-on referenced in the integration config.

What I would do is remove the add-on you installed prior (and any other zwavejs add-on that got installed) and start from scratch.

then start by installing the zwavejs integration first. then in that config tell it to use the supervisor add-on and HA should install the add-on automatically and configure it.

this is just from memory of what I’ve seen in the forums tho. So I could be wrong