Z-Wave JS and Z-Wave Network Issues

Hey Guys,

I am trying to narrow down what is going on and if it is related to my specific setup or something with a recent update.

I am running on a Raspbery Pi 3. I have the latest version of both HA and Z-Wave JS

I am running an Aeon Labs ZW090 USB Controller. It is on it’s own separate USB hub with separate power as that was an issue in the past.

The last few days the Z-Wave network just seems to go offline. I think Z-Wave JS is restarting when I go and check it in HA? I don’t see anything in the logs that looks bad. I notice that my Z-Wave switches or an automation isn’t working. That’s the first clue. I log into HA and go to the Z-Wave tab and the whole page will be blank, like it won’t load. HA will be super slow and I usually have to force a reboot. Usually, I can do it through the interface but a couple times I have to pull power. I have 31 Z-Wave devices currently.

Log files please

I am not sure the best way so I just linked my .log file from an online drive.

With Debug