Z-Wave JS and Zwave units

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after migrating to Z-Wave JS 2 mqtt i have a couple questions.
When using Heatit Z-trm3 in climate card in lovelace the temperature of the air temp is showing in center, even when i choose F-floorsensor.
This temp is not relevant if having the unit outside the room in the hallway, when it control the floor heat in the bathroom.
Any way to change this?

Another thing that happend with zwave is that no units have the “zwave.” entity anymore.
So now i cant control things with my key-chain remote control as scenes with scene-id.
How do i overcome this?

Best regards Ed

Release 2021.5 (in beta now) adds support for detecting the temperature sensor used by the Z-TRM3.

Please read the docs, scene functionality is well described. You need to use the zwave_js_value_notification event now.

Hello @freshcoast,

Now with 2021.05, my Z-TRM3 still uses the incorrect sensor as input temp to the climate component


Is there anything I have to configure to get the compoenent to use the floor sensor?

Sorry, the above is the Z-TRM2fx. My Z-TRM3’s works fine. Does anyone know about a fix for the Z-TRM2fx?

Thanks. Looks like neither of these made it to 2021.05:

Looking forward to 2021.06 to get this resolved