Z-Wave JS cant find device

Trying to make Z-wave to work with my Home Assistant OS
But first I did forgot to remove the device so I did a factory reset on AEON Z-Stick Gen5.

But now when I trying to add a Philio Pan11 Z-Wave JS can’t find it.
I did look into the manual to make a factory reset (Press on/off button 3 times within 2 sec and within 1 sec then press the button 5 sec. So I think it factory reset :slight_smile:

That I do is click on “+ add device” and when it trying to find it I press 3 times on the on/off button within 2 sec but nothing happend

That is a real pity!

mm yes but this maybe sound strange but I think it is a little fun. When going to work (Well I hope so) I going to be very happy and also feel very proud.
So I don’t going to give up yet :slight_smile:

Always feel proud about the things you do!

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Connect your zwave stick to your device via a USB extension cable, about 6 - 12 inches should be enough.

I have done that but still does not work.
But i wait and see later, I have to get my Zigbee network to work first.

Have you done an Exclude? Theoretically, a factory reset should have the same effect, but some devices will not allow a new inclusion unless they’re excluded first.

First, put Z-Wave JS into Exclude mode, then do the triple-press fast.

Once completed (you might need to check the log to verify it’s excluded) then try Add again.