Z-Wave JS & (Central Scene?) switch values

I just migrated/upgraded to zwave JS, and it’s been great so far (entity naming is so much simpler!), except for this one issue:

Any thoughts on how to get this working for a GE/Jasco in-wall toggle switch (14292)?
I’ve got a bunch of these switches (14292 & 14295), and I have a couple automations that rely on getting the ‘key pressed’ value to trigger. Basically even when the switch is “off” pressing ‘down’ on it will still send a central scene command, but I can’t figure out how to see it/read it in HA other than in the zwave JS logs. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Here’s the ZWave JS log output for the ‘value’ in question. It is clearly receiving the information from the switch. It doesn’t seem to trigger any events in the event bus, so I’m not sure how to have it trigger actions in HA, or NodeRed.
This output is from tapping ‘down’ on one of the GE 14292 toggle switches:

2021-06-28T15:16:54.577Z SERIAL « 0x01090004001c03250300cb (11 bytes)
2021-06-28T15:16:54.581Z CNTRLR [Node 028] [~] [Binary Switch] currentValue: false => false [Endpoint 0]
2021-06-28T15:16:54.583Z SERIAL » [ACK] (0x06)
2021-06-28T15:16:54.587Z DRIVER « [Node 028] [REQ] [ApplicationCommand]
current value: false

What is the firmware version of your switches? Only the newest revisions of the GE switches support Central Scene.

The older ones support double tap events, but not single, using the Basic CC, but not Central Scene.

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Hmm, I suppose it might not be Central Scene (might’ve used the wrong term, I think Basic CC is right), but the log clearly shows single tap information being received by the controller. Is there a way to read the log directly even if it doesn’t normally create an event?

According to the device info the 14292 switch is running Firmware: 5.22.

You would need to associate the switch’s Group 2 with the controller to see the Basic Set events. Group 3 Double Tap should already be enabled for most GE switches. So you should see events for double taps.

HA by design does not emit a state change if the state of the switch does not change, which is what your log shows. You can force this, but the zwave_js integration doesn’t support it.

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I am using this edited for my Honeywell switch, works great to open my garage door with double-tap.

Oops, I see @freshcoast is the creator of the blueprint and he has commented in this thread.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I worried was the case (I know it wasn’t the standard use case, but it was totally usable with a little logic in NodeRed before as I was reading directly from OZW_log.txt).
Do you know of any way to access the zwave_js log directly? Would I be any better off with the zwavejs2mqtt add-on?

unrelated: I’m pretty surprised that the interface for adjusting groups, parameters, etc, is worse than the much, much older OZW integration. oh well, hopefully it’ll get there eventually.

You can use zwavejs2mqtt to set group associations. The HA UI does not support it yet.

HA does not have access to the zwave-js log file, it’s a completely separate application. You can watch the logs from within HA, but they aren’t usable outside of that view.

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