Z-wave JS: Dealing with Missing Information for Z-wave Node?

I just installed the new Z-wave JS to MQTT integration. Looks pretty good so far, but…

I’ve got lots of nodes (mostly battery powered) that show up in the control panel as essentially blank:

In this case it’s a Wink Motion Detector. If I look in the log I can see motion detection messages coming from it. The status shows as “Awake”. What do I need to do to get it to fill in the details? I’ve tried pressing the button on the device and I tried selecting “Re-Interview Node” but nothing helped. It’s been many hours incidentally.

I too am having issues reading values of some of Coolcam Motion Sensors - They worked initially and then the fields go blank after a reboot. Running The ZwaveJS directly through the HA integration.

Same here. I’m new to HA but I followed the conf guide and Zwave JS seems to work fine.

  • RaspberryPi 3b with HA OS
  • Z-wave JS to MQTT integration
  • Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5+

But I’m trying to include a Fibaro motion sensor module (FGMS-001), inclusion works but I have no node info.
I can see the device communicating in the logs.

I had what might be the same problem. In another thread, there is a recommendation to give it time - Z-Wave JS has to complete the interview process or interview again. I added a Zooz device and a wadwaz-1 and it took a while for all the information to come in for both of them.

Indeed, I waited few minutes and then all the data were available. Thanks for your help!

I’d waited a long time (24 hours or so). But I’ve since updated to a newer Z-wave JS and then played a game with asking Z-wave JS to Re-Interview while almost simultaneously hitting the wake button on the device and finally got Z-wave JS to populate the details for the device. Not exactly sure which of those steps were the important part, but it’s working now. :slight_smile:

I was also able to get the motion sensors to associate to the light switch and that’s working great now. So far Z-wave JS is looking pretty good (I found the older implementation quirky too). Next is tackling my smoke detectors…