Z-Wave JS Device Configuration Not Saving

Forgive me if this has been discussed, I searched and have not located it. I am on Home Assistant OS 6.3 with core-2021.9.5 using Z-Wave JS 0.1.38. When setting device configuration parameters such as a dimmer step or timing settings, on multiple brands, the settings seem to be successfully saved at first. I get a green confirmation check mark icon and it states “The parameter has been updated.” However, the setting doesn’t actually stick. When I return to the device configuration, the setting is left at what it originally was. I would appreciate any insight on this scenario. Thank you!

Disregard, I’ll just go reconfigure them with Simplicity Studio from Silicon Labs then stick the controller back into HASS.

On battery-operated devices this would be normal behavior, as they have to check-in (usually every 4-24 hours) to process any open tasks. For mains powered devices this should be within seconds, depending on whether the input was marked as valid by Z-Wave JS.

If it’s not working you might be hitting a bug.