Z-wave JS / error

I have this error message:

2021-11-11 05:23:47 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.zwave_js] Discovery for value Value(value_id=‘15-50-0-value-1’) on device ‘Smart Energy Switch G2’ (Node(node_id=15)) will be skipped: Value Value(value_id=‘15-50-0-value-1’) has unknown data in the following location: metadata.cc_specific.meterType. A reinterview of node Node(node_id=15) may correct this issue, but if it doesn’t, please report this issue as it may be caused by either an upstream issue with the driver or missing support for this data in the library

To try to correct the situation I rebuilt the Zwave network with the Heal Network command. The error is always the same. What should I do?


From the Z-wave dashboard, click the down arrow beside the device, then click on advanced, a menu opens, select Re-interview. Might work as suggested in the error message, was it OK earlier?

Thanks for the tip, I don’t have this error in the log anymore.