Z-Wave JS Fibaro FGT-001 battery draining

Normally, the battery of a Fibaro FGT-001 should last for 6 months. But on my configuration, the battery lasts for one week. Does somebody has the same issues or the same configuration with different results?

I use this hardware:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • AEON Labs Z-stick Gen5 USB Controller
  • Fibaro Heat Controller FGT-001 firmware v4.6

and latest software:

  • HAOS (Home Assistant 2022.9.6)
  • Z-Wave JS 0.1.72

This is a clean install to test these issues. No other Z-Wave modules are involved.

Are there any settings to fix this problem?

Other platforms also mention similar issues, e.g. https://community.homey.app/t/fibaro-devices-power-consumption/32781/2

i would start looking at your JS log, find the nodeId and look how oftern communication happens and especially from where to where (node as source or controller as source)