Z-Wave JS integration can't connect

I have a new home assistant setup that is using zwave for many sensors.
I’ve set up many of the sensors in Z-Wave JS UI and went to start to observe their states, but the integration is returning the error
Retrying setup: Failed to connect: Cannot connect to host core-zwave-js:3000 ssl:default [Connect call failed ('', 3000)]

Everything is working as expected in Z-Wave JS UI, but Home Assistant can’t seem to connect to it?

Any ideas where I should start?

You can’t run both add-ons at the same time. Follow the instructions in the docs to switch to ZUI.


Hmmm, thanks.
I didn’t have the other JS add-on running, but that seemed to be enough to cause an issue.
I’ve since uninstalled and it’s started working.

Odd, because I have another HASS setup that also has it installed but not running and that worked fine.

Thanks for the help @freshcoast