Z-Wave Js migration tool or just start over?

Hope everyone is doing great!

Like many of you, I noticed the latest release is the last version allowing use of the legacy Z-Wave integration. Due to lessons learned (Z-Wave network tanked on me and I did not have the best backup plan), I created a spreadsheet of all my Z-Wave nodes. The list includes their name, device model, and the order in which I should re-add them to Z-Wave. I was able to re-add all my Z-Wave nodes back into HA, with the only pain being time spent on an otherwise smooth process.

That said, should I just disassociate all of my nodes, delete the legacy Z-Wave integration, and start from scratch with the Z-Wave JS integration (instead of trying the migration tool)? I have two secure nodes (locks), but I do not believe this will be an issue since they are supported and will be disassociated before re-adding.

I ask this because I have seen many posts, where user experienced problems getting all of their nodes to migrate (along with duplicate entities or entity IDs not matching).

Any wisdom shared would be greatly appreciated.

I did my conversion before the migration tool. I removed all of the entities and added them back. I had all of the device, area, entity names, and automations they were tied to recorded similar to you and to do it took about 6-8 hours for 88 nodes. I had home assistant on my phone and just walked around the house and added them. I tried to clean up all names that were ridiculously long.

I would strongly urge that you install watchman from hacs so you can be warned if you have typos etc.

There is a security at inclusion that you have to select so don’t forget this or inclusion is spotty.

I would back up your z-stick before starting so you can recover if things go sideways.

God no, why would you do this ? The Zwave mesh is stored on the stick and it’s completely independent of the integration used. If you don’t want to use the migration tool (which seems to be a little tricky), then do the migration manually instead. There’s no need to remove or readd any device to the network. The new integration is just going to get the existing mesh from the stick and ask the nodes for additional info it needs (reinterview them).

There are some good threads by petro on how to do the migration manually. A quick search should find them easily.

Yeah, I’m not sure why people have the idea that they need to nuke their entire network to migrate to zwavejs. :man_shrugging:

to the OP:

here is a post I made recently you can use to help you walk thru it if you want - no nukes required…

Very grateful for everyone’s response! I will check out petro’s posts about manual migration, as this sounds like the best option for me. I will make sure I have everything documented and saved (especially the Z-Wave stick itself backed up) prior to starting.

Thank you all again!

I am going to go this route. Looking at your post, where do you add the following:

      device_class: door
      integration: zwave

I really appreciate the suggestion.

I actually have a package that I put zwave & zigbee related things into so that’s where I have the code above.

you can also split your config and use !include to point the “customize:” section entries to a different file.

you can also put that directly into your configuration.yaml under the “homeassistant:->customize:” section as written.

and I’m not sure if you can do that with the UI or not but there are some customizations you can do there for entity. But I don’t think it allows custom customizations like that unless that’s been changed recently. I never use the UI unless I have to so I don’t know for sure.

Ah, got it! Overall things are going pretty smooth thanks to your previous posts. I tested a few automations to make sure all is well. Planning on flipping the switch entirely this week. Updating all of the entity names was the most tedious part, but if keep yourself entertained in the background (movies, music, etc.) its not so bad.

I’ll post here once everything is done. Thank you again.

Just finished! Z-Wave is FAST once again…very pleased with that.