Z Wave JS MQTT can be very slow to respond

I’ve been having some issues with slow to respond Z Wave devices recently.

I’ve gone through a lot of change, so I’ll try to post as much info as I can here:
I was on Pi 3 B with SD Card but was having stability issues, so I recently swapped out nearly everything- on Pi4 B (4gbRam) booting from SSD. Same Z Wave Stick (Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Z-Wave Hub), plugged in with usb extension so that it is located on the ceiling of my basement in a central location to the home.

software is:
Home Assistant 2022.7.6
Supervisor 2022.07.0
Operating System 8.2
Z-Wave JS to MQTT 0.44.0

I also have a Ring alarm system so there is a second z wave mesh in my home. My main mesh has around 35 devices, mostly light switches, and my Ring mesh has around 15 items, almost all door/window sensors (along with one motion sensor, a couple flood sensors, a door lock and a smoke detector)

Attached is a debug log from a few minutes last night, where I have an automation that is supposed to turn off all downstairs lights and turn on a stairwell light. Sometimes it takes 1-2 seconds to run, last night it took over a minute.

I’m not really sure what is causing the slowness or how I could boost performance. I’ve tried healing the network, removing and re-adding a few nodes that I thought were problematic, etc. So far nothing has helped so I’m reaching out here because I’d really prefer not to go scorched-earth and just delete everything and rebuild.

in case it helps, here is a list of devices on my main mesh with the node id, description, and device model:

and here is the debug log subset (i believe) from my attempted automation last night:

happy to provide anything else or answer any questions that may help solve this. very baffling in just how inconsistent it is and driving me up a wall trying to solve for it with my minimal understanding.

Reading logs take long but quick look show node 38 having issues

39 had problems but I was thinking it related to 38

Is 38 battery device? What it connect to are the battery? What battery levels? Under 40% I’ve had issues with devices. Just ideas to start your search.

Node 38 is a Zen74 (700 series toggle style dimmer switch from zooz), controlling our living room overhead light. So not battery powered :confused: