Z-wave JS MQTT, no correct entity under merten push-button

Hello I’ve some trouble with setting up my Merten radio push buttons. In Z-wave JS.
In the Z-Wave JS to MQTT web UI the device is listed and completed the “device interview”

In the debug logs on the z-wave JS to MQTT interface I see the status changes:

In Home assistant under configuration → and the tab Devices I see al my z-wave wall motes back in this list. But under this device only one entity is created. Now I cant make a automation to control something.

Is there a way to insert the entity under this device so I can read out the CurrentValue and make an automation for it?

Thank you very much in advanced!

Did you have any luck?

Yes, since driver version 8.8.0 (installed it today), It is now possible to use the Merten single switch and the Merten double switch as a scene controller.

For me this problem is resolved.