Z-Wave JS not excluding device

I have a Zen30 device that will not exclude from the JS network. Has anyone run into the problem of inability to exclude a device from the network?

I put JS into exclusion mode and tap the lower paddle (not the button) three times. The Zen30’s LEDs all blink in unison for a while. But the device does not remove. I have also restarted HA, with no change in the devices.

Zooz instructed me to hard reset the device, which worked. After the process, HASS had one less device in the JS integration. After including and renaming the entities, my automations are working.

To reset the Double Switch:

  1. Press and hold the lower paddle on the dimmer for at least 15 seconds until the LED indicators start flashing, then release.
  2. Then immediately press and hold the upper paddle on the dimmer for at least 15 seconds. The LED indicators will flash again to confirm successful reset.