Z-Wave JS on another device


It says that I can install Z-Wave JS on another device. My question is: how to link it to existing HA?

you use the IP:PORT of the host that zwavejs is running on in the HA integration config

Hello @finity, sorry, but it is not clear. How and where do I use IP:PORT?

In HA when you add the integration from the integrations page then the dialogue box that pops up asks if you want to use the add-on. You should uncheck the box so it doesn’t use the add-on since it assumes that the server will be installed on the local machine.

then click submit.

the next box asks you to enter the IP:PORT of the machine that runs the zwave js server.


in that box instead of using “localhost” then you put in the IP address. the default port is 3000. So unless you have changed it leave it at 3000 and then hit submit.

Great! Thank you!