Z-Wave JS - Removing a device

I have just successfully migrated to Z-Wave JS and everything is working. I do however want to remove and re setup my Schlage Z-Wave Plus lock that is on my front door. When I look in the device properties I see this


Am I right in thinking the correct way to remove a device is to first select “Remove Failed Device” and then push the “Exclude” button on the lock itself? I cannot see any option just to remove a device from the network.

Thanks in advance for any help


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You can go to Configuration → Intergrations → Z-Wave js Configuration and remove a device from there.


Thank you,

I missed this. I assume I need to select remove device first then press the include/exclude button on my lock?

Your assumption is correct.


And if you wanted to do this INSIDE JS2MQTT, look for Manage Nodes:

and then

Same procedure on the lock.

And FYI - you don’t need to remove the lock, if it’s not communicating, you could repair the node. If it IS communicating properly, you can re-interview the device. Rarely would remove / re-include help if communications are good.

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Thanks for the tip Nathan,

I am just running regular Z-Wave JS at the moment, I have been playing with Zigbee2MQTT on a test machine. I only have 5 Z-Wave devices (2 Schlage locks, 2 leviton plugs and a motion sensor) so I might look at X-Wave2MQTT

This is now in Settings > Devices & Services > Z-Wave > [Hub] Configure

What if the Z-Wave device is no longer functional or available?

There is no way to press anything on the device, say the device is gone or crushed by a Massey Ferguson MF 8700. Theoretically.


Settings → Devices & Services → In the Z-Wave integration click [n] DEVICES → Select crushed device → In the Device Info card, right of CONFIGURE, click the 3 dot menu → select Removed failed.