Z-Wave JS / Schlage FE599 / Events Not Working

Hello all. I was hoping someone out there could point me in the right direction.

I have two Schlage locks in my house connected to HA via Z-Wave JS. The first is a touch screen lock that I have now set up to pull event notifications so I can see which user unlocks the door. However, my older FE599 does not behave the same way.

I can control the lock and see its battery level, but when I lock and unlock the door, I don’t see any events showing up on the “zwave_js_notifications” stream.

I have tired re-interviewing the device and removing and re-adding (securely), but I still never see any events. Does this lock send this data differently? I know the alarm level sensors are set up as disabled, but even after I enable them, they never refresh as well.

Thanks all!

Set your zwavejs2mqtt’s zwavejs drvier logs to silly level and lock/unlock your FE599 with a code, then check the log to see what it says.

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Thanks for the tip. I grabbed the logs as I entered codes on the door and what I could sus out looked like the alarm level and alarm type both updated, but with the same value.

Then when I dug into the history, I do see that state change. So at least I can use that to tell when a valid code is entered and disable my alarm. But I still can’t see the alarm type change, it just is always 16.

 [Node 088] [REQ] [ApplicationCommand] 
│ sequenced: false                                    └─[NotificationCCReport] 
                                       V1 alarm type:  16
                                        V1 alarm level: 12021-06-28T03:23:55.675Z CNTRLR   
[Node 088] [~] [Notification] alarmType: 16 => 16                
 [Endpoint 0]2021-06-28T03:23:55.678Z CNTRLR  
 [Node 088] [~] [Notification] alarmLevel: 1 => 1