Z-Wave JS to MQTT - How to enable multichannel? (Heatit Z-relay 25A) - SOLVED


My Heatit Z-relay 25A is integrated to HA using Z-Wave JS to MQTT.
The relay has one relay output, 2 analogue inputs (for 2 temp. sensors) and 1 digital input (leak detection).
The relay on/off control works fine from HA, but the temperature readings are not being updated in HA (only constant temperature). According to Heatit support i Norway does the Node associations between the Z-relay and the gateway node (Z-stick Gen5 [ZW090] in my case) to be set as “multchannel”, i have tried this along with searching forums without luck. I don’t find any options in the config (ref. fig. below) for setting multichannel associations.

If setting multichannel using Z-Wave JS to MQTT is possible, does anyone know how this is done?

It is possible set an automation to force “refresh value” from the node each 30 sec. or so, but i hope it’s just me that don’t understand how to create a multichannel association between the gateway node and the Heatit Z-relay node. I hope for a smoother approach than creating a automation for correct temperature reading.

One more thing regarding firmware and configuration parameters:
I have upgraded to the latest firmware (zrelay_EU_2_01b3.otz using OTA), where it is possible to activate/de-activate the relay locally from the “bind” push button. The feature works as it should after the firmware upgrade but the new config. parameter (parameter 19) is not showing up in the “parameter config”. I have tried to re-interview the node, but that did not help. Is there a trick to get parameter nr. 19 that came along with the new firmware to show up in the parameter config?

The new parameter nr. 19:
This parameter determines if the device will return to state prior to the power failure after power is restored.

Available settings:
0 – the device does not save the state prior to the power failure and returns to „off” position
1 – the device restores its state prior to the power failure
Default setting: 1
Parameter size: 1 [byte]

Thanks in advance.

Link to the Heatit Z-relay:


EDIT - Answer

Further trail and error with the following associations (multichannel relay) works, now the temperature sensors are automatically updated from the Z-relay node.

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