Z-Wave JS to MQTT stucks on interview of a new node (Z-Stick 7)

I have just started a new RPI4 running Home Assistant OS 6.2 (core-2021.8.8 + Z-Wave JS to MQTT v0.24.1) and using a Aeotec Z-Stick 7 (Zwave-bridge).
I have been able to add succesfully 3 Z-wave devices ( Fibaro Dimmer2 + EU Plug + a remote).
But, since yesterday, I’m stucked on the inclusion the 4th device ( Fibaro GGS22 switch): it is still on state Interview: ProtocolInfo
I have tried to restard inclusion/replacement: no change
I tried to restart the Z-wave JS to MQTT instance: no change.
I tried to shutdown/restart Home Assistant: no change
I tried to remove power on Fibaro switch and restart: no change.
The other devices are working like a charm.

Is there any way to remove it from configuration , or any suggestion to make it responsive? (As the stick is a a bridge, not a controller, I suppose that Z-Wave JS to MQTT is “the” controller )

Thanks in advance for your help
Best regards

If a switch “partially” included and didn’t interview, you can go into the zwavejs2mqtt control panel, go to the switch, click “advanced”, then under “re-interview node” click "interview "

If that fails, you can try “excluding it”, then including it again.

If that still fails, you can totally blow it out of the configuration by going to “remove” under failed nodes. This is only recommended as a last resort.

In zwave terms, the stick is the “controller”, and zwavejs2mqtt is the software that manages the controller.

Thanks Tim for your answer.

I tried the different steps:

  • the re-interview has not worked for me: no change
  • exclusion/inclusion has not worked : no change
  • but removing it with the failed node submenu has worked: the device has been removed and I have been able to add another device, which was not possible before.

After the removing I have been able to include it, after a hard reset of the switch.
Unfortunately, like expected, now a have a gap in the device list, corresponding of the previous failed device.

Thanks for the clarification regarding the “bridge” terminology. I was confused by the bridge instead of static controller term: i was wronlgy thinking it was working like a network bridge :frowning:

That actually won’t hurt anything as far as the network or routing. Node id’s are stored as a two digit hex number in zwave, which gives you a max of 232 devices on a zwave network. Zwavejs2mqtt won’t reuse an old node number again until the network goes all the way back around. So in theory, after device 232, it would go back and use any old open numbers in sequence for new devices.

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