Z-Wave JS to MQTT - Unknown Devices

Out of seemingly nowhere, my Z-Wave JS to MQTT setup stopped working. Attempted to turn on a light switch, with no luck. Checked the Z-Wave JS dashboard to see this:

I have restored prior Snapshots of recent HA and Z-Wave JS. I have uninstalled and re-installed the Z-Wave JS to MQTT Addon, and after rebooting, I have the same issue.

I have ~25 Z-Wave Devices and each show the same status.

Currently on: zwavejs2mqtt: 4.2.1; zwave-js: 7.4.0; HASS OS: core-2021.5.4
I attempted to search the forums for this issue without much luck.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

I don’t know, so just taking a guess here…You’ve reinstalled ZWaveJS2MQTT, and this should have restored any manufacturer’s files that would have otherwise gotten corrupted. ZWaveJS2MQTT apparently can read the Z-stick to figure out what the node-ids are, but it looks like it can not “interview” (i.e. communicate) to any of the devices to get their actual information. So my guess is that the radio in the Z-Stick may be the issue??? Maybe pull out the stick, and re-insert it to see if that helps.

Also in ZWaveJS2MQTT, turn on the logs and see what they say.

I was struck with the same problem after upgrading HASSIO to the latest release (I had the release from the previous month).
I already rebooted HASSIO a couple of times, as well as the addon itself, but all devices are shown as “Unknown manufacturer” and “Unknown Product 0xXXXX”. Nonetheless they are not presented as failed and their status is either Alive or Asleep (Interview is also Complete for my devices).

By looking at the logs I can see that the devices keep communicating, but they are just not properly recognized by zwavejs2mqtt.

Any clue on how to solve this? Due to this I now have a dumb house :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the following will help, but wanted to share…
I came across a situation with my Aeotec ZStick where I wanted to add a new device but the inclusion failed. Doing some research, it seemed the ZStick was the problem. I was able to communicate with my existing devices just fine, but simply was not successful in doing an inclusion.

I also attempted to re-interview an existing device. When the ZStick was in this state, IT FAILED to REINTERVIEW the device, leaving it in an unknown manufacture/product state, even though it had successfully interviewed the same device a few days prior. My solution was to shutdown ZWaveJS, pull out the ZStick, wait a minute, and plug it back in, then restart ZWaveJS. The device that had failed to reinterview prior, now was successful in getting reinterviewed. Inclusion also worked :slight_smile:

So…you may want to try this with your ZStick (assuming you have one).

Well, in order to get my zwave devices to work again, I had to go one by one and re-interview them.
So far everything seems to be working as it was, except for two stubborn battery devices that are yet to be interviewed with success.

I have no clue about what caused this in the first place.