Z Wave JS to MQTT Wake up time


I am trying to set the wakeup time for a “remote” that I use to control a shade made by Springs Window Fashions. It is tiny remote powered by a button cell type battery. The shade is controlled every day via automation and the remote is rarely used for unforseen event.

I noticed that the Wake up time max value is 90000 sec which is about a day. It is killing my remote battery. That makes me wondered as to why such a narrow limit for the wake up time. Considering the low impact (importance) of this device, polling it once a month, to get its battery level, is more than enough.

Would it be possible to bump this limit up?
Is there a way to disable polling on that node?


This is set by the hardware in question. You should direct your inquiry at the people who make the hardware.

THis is set by the manufacturer

Polling is disabled by default. Wake up time is what your device does periodically to talk to the network, do not confuse it with polling. It’s not invoked by zave_js, it’s invoked by the hardware itself. As said before, find out from the manufacturer.

Hi petro,

Thanks for the quick reply.

You are right of course about the polling. I got that mixed up. Since the only benefit in having the remote connected to the zwave network is to get the batery level, I think that I will simply exclude it for now. I don’t think that the manufacturer will do anything at this point in time.

I was not aware that the Wake up time was device dependant. How do you know what the limit is? Is it done during the inclusion process or you know from the device spec?

Many thanks.

The device usually transmits that info or it’s from the device config. Depends on the device

Is there a zwave mains powered node nearby? The one thing that will rapidly drain a zwave battery device is if it’s placed in a fringe area of reception where no close nodes can act as repeaters.