Z-Wave JS to MQTT went to sleep just now

Hi, I’m running Z-Wave JS to MQTT and just noticed that it “went to sleep” or something. I’m not as versed in all of this yet, so I grabbed the log for it from the Supervisor screen. I then went into the debug menu of the add-on and saw that only health messages were being seen and no nodes reporting when triggered (like motion). I then restarted the add-on and z-wave was once again working.

Here is the log showing what it was doing (or not doing). Any idea what I should look at next or where to go with this? I’d like to be ready to grab more info if it happens again.

Battery powered devices will go to sleep to preserve power. They will wake up and communicate when they need to.

I understand that, but that’s not what’s going on here. All devices (nodes) stopped being “seen” by the add-on when triggered until I restarted it.