Z-Wave JS : topology view?

Hey all

is there any way to get a graphical representation of the zwave network topology when using zwave JS ? ZWaveGraphHA looked really nice but doesn’t work with zwave js unfortunately.


Having access to that type of view, along with a good management UI was one of the reasons I went with a zwavejs2mqtt server over a zwave-js-server

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I may regret to have listened to the hype about zwave JS being the thing to go for…

You can run both, with zwavejs2mqtt acting only as a configuration and management tool.

EDIT: See this: ZwaveJS2Mqtt

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That graph is pretty, but really meaningless. It provides practically no useful information or actionable intelligence, and it’s no reason to reconsider the decision to move to zwave_js.

If you play with the options and put your devices into named areas within z2m it can be very useful for visualising what is going on.

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Which devices can see which other devices at a certain dB level says nothing about the route that message will take, though, and modern ZW+ devices will reconsider and change routes automatically. The neighbor list used to be only read at time of pairing or following a heal, making the reality often different from the displayed neighbor list or what the graph shows. I believe that the neighbor lists are read more often now, so if each of your nodes has a healthy set of neighbors, that’s pretty much all you need to know. I suppose that the graph might give you some useful info if you have a giant network with nodes that require 3-4 hops (4 is the max for ZWave), but that’s atypical with the range of modern devices and the presence of a robust mesh.