Z-wave JS UI "send options"

Using Z-wave JS UI, every device has “Send Options” above the regular configuration parameters. What do these two values control? I can’t find anything about them in the z-wave JS UI documentation.

Transition duration for lights (brightness), sirens (volume), etc. Volume for sirens.

The options are sent when you write a targetValue (usually).

That works for lights and sirens. But these same fields are available in every device, even sensors. For example, how would transition duration and volume apply to a motion or temperature sensor?

They don’t as those are read only sensors, not things that are set.

I would assume that’s a UI design decision. Adding those fields to the top was a quick win to support the functionality. Adding extra fields to every value that supports it would be harder and (IMO) clutter up the interface. If you think this is a problem worth solving, submit an issue/discussion to zwave-js-ui. https://github.com/zwave-js/zwave-js-ui.

Okay, thank you. I will ignore those input boxes when they don’t apply. I was only confused and wanted to ensure there wasn’t anything wrong with my configuration.