Z-Wave JS UI - Unknown Product, but debug shows they are in DB

I recently moved a bunch of devices from a HomeSeer Z-NET over to a HAOS with Razberry 2 attached via excluding from Z-Net, then including to HA. Things mostly work (switches, status, etc), but I have been tracking down a few issues I can’t resolve. The most annoying is that none of my sensors (Aeon Tri-sensors and Multisensor 6’s) are getting any of the sensor data besides motion and battery. I’m missing temp, humidity, brightness, etc. Not knowing exactly how all that works, I suspected all of the Unknown Product/Manufacturer entries I see in the UI may be a clue that essential data is not getting to where it needs to be to understand what some of the values from these devices are. I have excluded/included multiple times, specifically a device which is about a foot from the Razberry and nothing seems to help.

I see some lines in the log that indicate these sensor readings are making it to the controller, but not being interpreted correctly. (Second snip below)

Snip of one device’s debug below:

"status": "Alive",
  "interviewStage": "Complete",
  "hexId": "0x0129-0x0004-0x0000",
  "dbLink": "https://devices.zwave-js.io/?jumpTo=0x0129:0x0004:0x0000:33.32",
  "manufacturerId": 297,
  "productId": 0,
  "productType": 4,
  "productLabel": "Unknown product 0x0000",
  "productDescription": "0x0004",
  "manufacturer": "Unknown manufacturer 0x0129",
  "firmwareVersion": "33.32",
  "protocolVersion": 3,
  "nodeType": 1,
  "endpointsCount": 0,
  "endpointIndizes": [],
  "isSecure": true,
  "security": "S0_Legacy",
  "supportsSecurity": false,
  "supportsBeaming": true,
  "isControllerNode": false,
  "isListening": false,
  "isFrequentListening": "1000ms",
  "isRouting": true,
  "keepAwake": false,
  "maxDataRate": 40000,
  "deviceClass": {
    "basic": 4,
    "generic": 64,
    "specific": 3

Snip from the ZWave JS UI Debug Log:

2023-01-27T22:32:50.458Z SERIAL « 0x0116000400110e320221640000000b00780000000bc3003c                  (24 bytes)
2023-01-27T22:32:50.468Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-01-27T22:32:50.474Z DRIVER   dropping CC with invalid values (Reason: Unknown meter type 0x01 or corrupted 
2023-01-27T22:33:09.144Z SERIAL « 0x0116000400100e320221640000000b00780000000bc3003d                  (24 bytes)
2023-01-27T22:33:09.153Z SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
2023-01-27T22:33:09.160Z DRIVER   dropping CC with invalid values (Reason: Unknown meter type 0x01 or corrupted 

Looking like it’s solved… kept searching for various log entries and found this:

The solution was to blow away the DB, which I can’t do on HAOS, but I uninstalled and reinstalled the Add-On and it seems much better. It re-interviewed everything once it started up and eventually all the info started coming through. Fixed the sensors not reporting as well. Would be nice if there were a better way to solve this (not sure what other impact having to uninstall/reinstall this has caused, but will sort that out)