Z wave light switch


I our bedroom we have 2 Philips Hues bulbs in ceiling lights and they are connected to a 1 gang switch, so it turns them both on and off at the same time. Which I hate and wished we had had 2 gang put in but hey ho. Not that we use it now we have the philips hue, but my wife likes to use a light switch but loves the colours etc.

I only have 2 wires coming down to the 1 gang switch and was wanting to replace it with a 2 gang z wave switch, so we could control the lights via z wave (via HA) independently.

Is that possible with one of these please?


If you already have Philips Hue bulbs, why don’t you use Philips switches? The Hue Tap for example has 4 programmable buttons.

needs to be wife proof she doesn’t like them :smiley:
I want something that replaces the actual switch and was going to use a fibaro/aeotec switch behind but then we still only have the 1 gang, if you see what I mean

Alright. Well in that case you could then basically remove the physical switch from the wall and have both light bulbs always powered on, install a new physical switch (e.g. z-wave based) that sends triggers to HA which in turn remote controls the two bulbs via the Hue integration.
If you want colours then simply turning on/off the Hue light bulbs independently through a two gang switch would not help anyway.

yeah I know thanks. The problem with the current physical switch is, it turns them on default white, where as I was hoping the z wave switch would have them on at their last settings, same when you tell Echo to switch them on.

Hence wonder if anyone had used the one I listed and if it was easy to wire considering I only have 2 switch wires to play with,