Z-wave lock in HomeKit Doesn't Show

I added a several year old z-wave Yale lock to HA and it doesn’t appear in HomeKit. I have the bridge configured for bridge, include (fan, lock, climate, light, switch) and the lock is one of the selected items. Unlike the other z-wave connected devices, it doesn’t appear in HomeKit. I expected to find it in Default Room (which did not appear after adding the lock), unlike adding other devices), but I looked in all of them, just in case. Any thoughts on how to get the lock to appear in HomeKit or how to debug the problem?

I’ve tried reloading the integration, restarting HA, restarting the whole computer. HAOS 2023.5.4 is running directly on an Intel NUC with Supervisor 2023.04.1, OS 10.1, Frontend 20230503.3 using a ZST 10-700.

When I had the same lock in Homeseer and shared with HomeKit via HOOBs, it worked just fine. I was hoping to add it to HA to include it in automations, but if it isn’t in HomeKit, the family will be unhappy.

Thank you.

Thanks to the Home Assistant discord #integration channel, I was pointed to the solution is in the docs.

After setting up a new bridge, in accessor mode, just for the lock, after adding the bridge to Apple Home, the lock now appears.