Z-wave lock is paired, but lock domain isn't being exposed

Hey everyone,

I have a Schlage FE599 lock that used to work perfectly with hassio (configured through an Aeotec zwave stick) but at some point recently the lock entity disappeared from home assistant (even though the zwave and alarm entities for the lock are all still showing up normally). I’m not sure when it disappeared but I assume it happened recently when I switched my zwave config from yaml to integrations. I tried removing and readding the node but no luck, it just gets re-added without the lock entity and none of the lock services are being exposed either.

Did I miss something when I switched my config over?

Likely missed your network key, the network key is required for secure connections like locks and barrier operators (Garage Door Openers).

Yep, that’ll do it haha. Didn’t get copied over. Thanks!