Z-Wave Long Range Tests

So the Z-Wave PC Controller Software supports Z-Wave Long Range and I was able to add devices in Long Range mode using Smart Start. I just scanned my QR code and made sure the long range box was checked and waited for my device to auto join.

I’ve been testing out the long range max range using my ZEN37 800 remote, ZST10-700 and ZST39. I just walked around and pressed the buttons on my remote then watched for activity in the log. This test allowed me to test the range from a battery operated device to the controller.

Not sure the specifics of how long range works but when I include my remote in Long range mode I get better range. I was able to go 1300ft in Long Range mode and about 800ft in regular mode. This is non line of sight too!

After doing these tests I can definitely see how Long Range would benefit me. Considering how easy it was to set this up I thought I’d share with others so they can test for themselves.