Z-wave.me running on a rpi and controlld by homeassistant?


today im using vera plus for z-wave and some rfxtrx devices, this is connected to HA running on a nuc and is working good, but since im always looking for better things im thinking of getting a rpi 4 and mount z.way.me razberry on it and have it run zway.me software and then connect this to my HA, if i understand z-wave correctly thy have better support for z-wave devices then vera have? But i haven some thinks im wondering about that i hope someone here can answer.

1:Does HA support the same type of integrations of z-way.me this way as it does with vera?
(i type the local address and HA find the devices automatically)
2: will this be faster then a vera plus? for expel turning on/off 60-80 devices at once
3: dose anyone now if zway.me support rfxtrx as vera do?

No i do not like to connect a z-wave usb direct to my nuc with HA for this reasons
I have done this and run it for a about 1 year and it was slow to control many devices, restarts is a pain on my network since its very large. and it was not stable. in other words i like the hub version so i can play with HA and do restarts every day without needing to wait a rely long time for the network to be reedy again and its much faster with a hub for me and it gives me a redundant system if HA stops working that have happen many times i still can control the devices thru Vera.