Z-Wave.Me UZB1 UZB not detected after HA re-installation


I needed to do a factory reset and clean setup of HA and now the UZB is simply never recognised. I’ve tried booting and inserting the stick, shutting down, inserting the stick and then starting and various other things but it doesn’t show up. At least I don’t think it shows up. I can’t install the z-wave integration and when I look at hardware I see this:

It may be ‘user error’ but I really don’t find this interface intuitive. I’m assuming that one a device is connected it should show as my ConBee II stick does? The fact that nothing is listed under any other port is telling me that the stick can’t be found, is that right?

This is what I see when I try to add Z-wave:

Really confused!

Maybe you are hitting this issue, although strange your other USB device is working.

Thank you! That’s wonderful. I downgraded HA OS and hey presto…