Z-Wave.Me Z-Way Custom Component

Z-Wave.Me Z-Way custom integration


This integration allows connecting Home Assistant to Z-Wave.Me Z-Way. You can benefit from the flexibility of Home Assistant and the full control over your Z-Wave network with the Z-Way Expert user interface and network diagnostics tools.

What is Z-Way?

Z-Way is a complete Smart Home Controller Software supporting Z-Wave, Zigbee and EnOcean radio protocols, as well as WiFi, MQTT and HTTP-based devices.

Z-Way key features:

  • Complete Smart Home Controller software for various platforms
  • Web and mobile UI
  • Supports all modern Z-Wave features such as Z-Wave Plus, Security S2, Smart Start and Long Range
  • Tested against more than 700 physical devices for interoperability, including new and very old legacy devices
  • Easy to integrate with other systems in your home (of course including Home Assistant)
  • Tunable Z-Wave engine
  • Built-in network diagnostics and Zniffer


Click on the button on the Add Integrationbutton on the integration page. You will need to enter an authentication token and the IP address of your existing Z-Way installation.

If you don’t have Z-Way running yet, you can use the Z-Wave.Me add-on to run Z-Way in the Home Assistant supervised environment. Or use one of the possible installation variants described at: Download Z-Way

Supported hardware

Z-Way supports various Z-Wave dongles/shields:

  • RaZberry 7
  • RaZberry 7 Pro (2.5x more range compared to other Pi shields)
  • Wiren Board 7 (multi-protocol controller supporting Z-Wave, Zigbee, RS-485, Modbus, KNX, CAN, OneWire protocols, with the ability to install the Home Assistant on its Debian Linux)
  • Z-Station (both Z-Wave & Zigbee with high-quality antennas, available in Q3 2023)
  • Z-Wave & Zigbee mPCIe (both Z-Wave & Zigbee with high-quality antennas, available in Q3 2023)
  • RaZberry 2 (end-of-life)
  • UZB1 (end-of-life)
  • Hub1 (end-of-life)

Why not ZWaveJS?

ZWaveJS implementation is good, but it lacks a few important features. In addition to all ZWaveJS does, Z-Way supports network diagnostics, Long Range, SmartStart, Z-Wave Plus V2, Firmware upgrade, Z-Wave Zniffer and all the modern Z-Wave Command Classes.

In many aspects, Z-Way is more advanced compared to Z-WaveJS integration. Using Z-Way integration will allow you to benefit from the power of the Z-Way engine and the flexibility of the Home Assistant.


You are welcome to improve this integration and Z-Way home automation code on GitHub:

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Hi! I have a latency problem with a motion sensor. Could ZWay network diagnostics tools help me to get rid of the latency?

Yes, you can use Z-Way and its built-in Zniffer tool to see what is happening in the network. There is also a more advanced Zniffer tool