Z wave mesh network?


Does this support a z wave mesh network? Wherein the devices relay the, umm, z wave equivalent of a packet? Sorry not fully familiar with it’s operation.

And what can’t this device do? From what I understand theirs different devices with different capabilities.


There’s lot’s of stuff it can’t do.

for instance, it can’t repair your car. :wink:

I’m not really sure what you are asking.

It’s a zwave and zigbee combined USB radio/controller.

From what I understand there are features such as mqtt and whatever that may or may not be supported by certain things. I have Phillips hue dimmer buttons (zigbee), I have a zooz z wave outdoor sensor, iris gen 2 zigbee motion sensors, a smart things contact sensor, some zigbee outlets, and some other stuff(I listed it all in another post, just not on the lan rn and disabled external access to the hubitat.) Just wanna make sure it’ll all work after I transition and see what I need to replace, and how to do it. Hopefully it all works and it would be a smooth transition :man_shrugging: lol. The hubitat is just a bit to orwellian for me.