Z-Wave migration

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I want to migrate z-wave network from Vera plus controller to HA Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 that I have successfully installed. I have approx. over 80 z-wave devices that I don’t fincy to move manually by excluding from Vera and Including to HA.

Is there a way to migrate?

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If you have the older Vera hub you may be able to use the vera integration to connect as a stopgap until you migrate your devices to a new controller… Vera - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

But you’re still eventually likely migrating your devices. And when you do from that controller you’re excluding / including your devices to a new controller. No way around it.

Did that excercise from SmartThings almost three years ago now for 112 devices and haven’t looked back.

Basically, you copy the network key (S0 and others if your device supports security S1 S2) from the old controller, and use it to configure the new device. Never used Vera so no idea where the S0 key is.

I migrated from an old RaZberry interface when upgrading to a Aeotec ZStick Gen5 (fixed the buggy USB interface in hardware) some years ago but my steps are long forgotten and the docs are minimal.

You need more than the keys. The network topology is stored on the stick. This needs to be migrated. This is what the NVM backup and restore are for.

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You are exactly right… And Op has a

so there’s no stick to migrate from a Vera controller - it’s a self contained hub - therefore it’s import the entire hub (only possible with the older Vera hubs) and/or manually exclude / include every device. Keys wont help here.