Z-wave - mis-identified component

HA v0.69.1 running on Ubuntu 18.04 in pyvenv

I was able to connect and properly detect my Aeotec Gen 5 stick. I am trying to add my Yale YRD210 deadbolt as a Zwave device. It has paired, but HA (or is it ozw?) has mis-identified it as a “Vision” device. It should be classified under "Assa Abloy (parent company of Yale, z-wave manufacturer id=“0129”).

How do I go about properly identifying the lock? What file(s) are created when you pair a z-wave device? In my config directory, I see both a zwcfg_XXX.xml and zwscene.xml. The first seems to have all of the device information. Is it as simple as modifying this 1 file?

The identification comes from the device, which is then checked against the manufacturer and product lists from OpenZWave (see here.

It’s entirely possible that your Yale YRD210 is a rebadged Vision device though, it’s pretty common.