Z-Wave Motion Sensor issue - "basic" device

Hi, folks. I had a Vera system running my Z-Wave devices but it died recently. I bought a Silicon Labs UZB-7 stick and attached it to my Home Assistant, all good, Z-Wave integration sees it. Some of my devices - alarm sirens, an Aeotec motion sensor - are fine, but I’m having issues with my motion sensors.

First - config: latest version of HA OS running on a Pi4, 8GB RAM and a USB-3 attached eMMC storage device as the boot drive. Everything else is good. I’d class myself as at least an intermediate level user - I’ve written some garden control devices and integrated them through MQTT myself. Spent my working life as an embedded device design engineer.

The device is a “WinTop iSensor” Chinese devices, with motion, temperature and brightness sensors.

When I first add the device, it shows the motion sensor as a switch - which is a problem because the Alarmo alarm panel will not use a switch as a trigger. I could work around that by generating MQTT messages but that’s a pain. An image of this (sensor in the triggered state) is attached.

Now, after around a day the states change so that the “Basic” device is replaced by two others, and they do no follow the trigger state of the motion sensor (they never change). Note that I added the extra sensors from the normally non-enabled ones to see if any of them change - they don’t). However, when I look at the Z-Wave statistics for the device it’s talking when the device is triggered (the messages received increments by two, once for the trigger and once for the clear). See image of the problem state below.

Also, if I do a re-interview when it’s in the good state (and wake the device), that works and it stays in the good state. If I do the re-interview when it’s in the bad state, it also works and stays in the same bad state.

Any ideas? This is very frustrating. Almost at the point of buying a used Vera controller so I can get my alarm working again. I have the manual for the devices with the command classes, and I like these, they worked really well with my Vera and the batteries last for ever.

Oh … here are the stats for a device in the bad state. The “Commands Rx” value will increment once when the motion sensor is triggered and once when it resets.


Thanks. Phil.

Ignore the basic control or better yet disable it.

The motion should come through the Sensor State (Any) control.

Thanks, but the Sensor State (any) never changes.

What do your Z-Wave JS logs say?