Z-wave + mqtt setup question

I have been reading guides, watching youtubes around this topic, but I’m still totally lost on what setup to follow or even what kind of setup will work ano 2023 from a high perspective.
Could someone with some knowledge give me a hand in understanding what is possible?

I’m currently running:

  • homeassistant core in a VM
  • mqtt, nodered and modbus containers in LXC
  • z-wave USB stick currently in a zwave-js-ui container in LXC (no zwave devices added yet - so I can mess around)

My understanding is/was that I can couple that last container to the z-wave-js add on in home assistant.
But reading some new guides I’m doubting this setup is even possible today?

The described above would be my ideal setup to achief, bringing HA also to LXC probably somewhere in the future when I understand better how all stuff in HA works … )
But obvious if this scenario is not achievable, I’m open to other suggestions.

Is there any scenario where the z-wave ‘core’ does not have to be embedded in HA but have it in separate containers?

Thank you for reading - many thanks for replying.

Having another look at the official doc … always a good point to start :wink:

Option 3: The Z-Wave JS UI Docker container

This is the recommended approach if you’re running Home Assistant Container. See the Z-Wave JS UI documentation for instructions.

This method provides the same server application and UI as the Z-Wave JS UI add-on. After installing the Docker image, make sure you enable the WS Server in the Home Assistant section of Settings page.

I would assume this section does kinda match my scenario the most, anyone that can confirm?
I have the zwave-js-ui container up and running - but on how to link it to HA I’m totaly lost…

Install the Z-Wave integration and connect it to your remote instance.



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I was only looking in the add-on store, had not figured out yet this zwave in HA needed to come from the ‘integrations’ - thank you very much :grinning: