Z-wave need help please

help i have uninstalled z-wave now it cant find usb stick when i tell it where it is it just goes back to default and says are you sure you have file path right it was working before uninstall reinstall. when i try the new z-wave addon, it says ocz daeman not connected no network can anyone tell me what is wrong going to have to reformat and try again

What version of HA are you using? With or without Supervisor? Does the device show up in the hardware info? What device are you using (USB stick brand and model), what device path are you trying to use?

try installing the addon using location: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-0658_0200-if00

thank you i reformatted raspberry pi and reinstalled home assistant and it is now working

I had the same issue and took the same drastic measure. It worked… Until I did the latest supervisor update. My Zwave usb stick and dConz usb again were not recognized. Lot’s of unplugging/plugging, host reboot, etc. Eventually is starts again but I am afraid it will happen again. Cannot find any reasonable explanation or fix so far.

I am not updating anything for at least a week while this mess is sorted out…docker, zwave, etc.

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