Z-wave.net USB Stick

Hi, has anyone every used/tried this USB stick from z-wave.net:

Based on it FCC ID doc, it is a Good Way Technology WD6050Z2. I have been able to add it to HA through Z-WAVE JS (although it does show as unknown manufacturer and product), but it does show online. I am although unable to add any devices through the inclusion. I’ve tried using the Z-WAVE JS server add-on and the Z-WAVE JS to MQTT add-on, both have similar issues with adding devices.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

The WD6050Z2 does not appear in the device config database:
node-zwave-js/packages/config/config/devices/0x0068 at master · zwave-js/node-zwave-js · GitHub

Without it being properly recognized I guess it won’t work.

Thanks Rick. That was likely what I figured as well, but I thought I’d check with others to get their input. The interesting thing is that this z-wave.net outfit claims their product works with Home Assistant, but any info/support requests I have sent them have have gone nowhere, no response at all. False and misleading claims at this point in my opinion.

For a USB controller, the config file should have no impact on the functionality, it simply provides a descriptive manufacturer and product name. If this USB controller worked in other software (e.g. OZW) then it should work fine with zwave-js, and the problem is likely something else.

Thanks freshcoast, yeah unfortunately it doesn’t appear to work with OZW either.