Z-Wave Network Instability

Hi All,

Hoping someone can provide a bit of guidance to me as I’ve been tearing my hair out the past few weeks trying to get some stability to my ZWave network.

Quick bit of background: I have HASS installed in a Python virtual environment ontop of Debian Stretch on an Intel NUC. I am using the Nortek HUSBZB ZWave/Zigbee combined USB controller for my network. I also have a Wink Hub that communicates with a couple of Lutron Connected-Bulb remotes but does not in any way participate in my ZWave network. I have 8 ZWave devices (2 thermostats, 3 switches, 2 dimmable switches and one lock) which have been paired to Home Assistant. I also have a few Zigbee light bulbs which function without issue.

The problems: Starting in the last 6 weeks I have noticed extreme instability of my ZWave network. Generally, it starts off with the door lock dropping into a ‘dead’ status. A power cycle of the lock usually brings it back… for a few hours and it will drop again. Next, some lights will start dropping into the ‘dead’ status, again a powercycle (via the breaker) usually brings them back. Now I’m noticing at times most of my devices will report a ‘dead’ status, a restart of HASS will sometimes bring a few back online, but rarely all.

What I have tried so far:
Unplug the Wink Hub - I know the Wink has a ZWave radio, I’ve unplugged it in case it is generating interference on the 900MHz band
Unpair the lock - As the problems started with the lock, I’ve removed and re-added it to the network several times, and while the network seems to be more stable after re-adding, it starts falling apart again within a few days. Currently, I have left the lock unpaired and several of my devices are still offline
Relocate the USB ZWave controller - I’ve moved the NUC and USB controller to a central location - it is now not more then 30 ft from any single ZWave device and not more then 2 walls between it and any one device
Restart everything - I’ve unplugged the NUC for 15 min and rebooted all my ZWave devices but still only about half of them will come back online.

I’m at my wit’s end with this issue, and could use any input or advice you guys might have in solving this issue.

Thanks in advance!

I had similar problems… I have hue and my z Wave network collapsed several times or hue light wouldn’t react. I changed WiFi frequency and all works fine now . I actually use channel 3

@thundergreen That’s actually a really awesome suggestion!

Come to think of it, I relocated my access point to the attic from the basement (better coverage) around the same time I started noticing ZWave stability issues. I’ll give this a try (maybe lower the power too) and see if things improve! Thanks!

I hate to be the unhelpful guy here but something you said jumped out to me and I have to ask. You said you are using the “Aeotech ZWave/Zigbee combined USB controller”. Was that an unintentional slip? I didn’t think that Aeotec sold a zigbee/zwave combo. I only ask because if they do, I want it haha.

Sorry, that was a slipup, I’m actually using the Nortek combo adapter. This is the exact one: https://www.amazon.com/GoControl-CECOMINOD016164-Linear-HUSBZB-1/dp/B01GJ826F8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510774360&sr=8-1&keywords=zigbee+zwave+usb