Z-Wave network lost nodes after upgrade; downgrade did not restore

About an hour ago, I upgraded from Z-Wave JS UI 3.8.4 to 3.8.5. Immediately afterwards, I noticed that none of my devices allowed me to control them any more. Suspecing a bad upgrade, I downgraded to 3.8.4 but it still didn’t restore access. I did a hard power down of my Proxmox host which holds my HAOS image and brought it online, but this is the best it gets to now. Any ideas?

3.8.4 looks like it caught back up (see below) but I won’t be upgrading again to 3.8.5!

When you upgraded it probably required you to reinterview the new devices. Where the failed devices battery powered devices?

Looks like the zwave config store got wiped out. Did you really label your nodes as Node 1,2, etc?

Since you are on proxmox, you may have better success long term running zwavejsui yourself in a docker container, separate from HAOS,

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With ZWave - the nodes are stored on the USB stick itself, the config files are a cache for speed and reliability. Whilst it would be possible for a bad update to wipe out all the nodes on the stick, but frankly would have to written with that intention in mind - it would never be possible for a restore/downgrade to bring the nodes back. Once they are gone from the stick, the only way to get them back, is to actually put the stick in include mode and go through the include process on each node again.

This is the reason that you can happily pull the stick out of the machine, and use any other machine running any ZWave software and the network will come back to life again.

I’m honestly not sure why it dropped. Perhaps it was a fluke, and I can’t say I’m blaming the upgrade, but I am going to skip this version since everything is rock solid a day later still: