Z-Wave network unstable since 2023.3.1

Since updating to 2023.3.1 this morning my Z-Wave network has gone mad, all my locks are playing up and the repeaters keep dying, I’ve tried a heal of each device, and they join for a while then fall over again, this has been stable for months. any ideas would help.

Maybe a firmware update on The zwave-hardware.

I had problem with an earlier release of HA or zwavejsUI a month or so ago. So much I bought a aeotec gen 7 stick and was ready to migrate from my gen 5 aeotec.

To be able to migrate I had to upgrade firmware on The stick from 1.01 to 1.02 and after The upgrade my network was fine again.

Before the upgrade my network wasnt responding much at all. When I turned on lights with a switch HA got The state correct from som Devices. But I couldnt toggle from HA.
Could heal Devices but just temporarily.

Brilliant thank you, I think sometimes you get a bit blinded when it’s not going well.

Glad I could help.

I agree. I gave up after a couple of weeks. Solved it by dumb luck and some anger.

Of curiosity and for others with this issue.
Do you also have aeotec stick gen 5?
If this is a specific issue of that stick or if it applies to other hardware?

No it’s gen 7 but there was an update for it, personally I am not hugely impressed with it, stable is not a word I would use, I will be looking around for an alternative, as I only have 25 devices on it unlike my Zigbee that is now as 131, and never faulters.