Z-wave network

My z-wave network respond very slow, so I installed z-wave graph to see the connections.
This is what I saw on the graph:

Is the slow z-wave network is because the nodes are not connected?

I moved smart switch 7 to a different location, and now this is what i get:

All battery powered are not connected.
my z-wave is still very slow.

You need more mains powered devices - aka routers.

Should this speed up the response of the network when used from hass?

Probably, because stronger signals also means lower delays.

OK, thanks


  1. if i remove nodes, does it affect the speed of the z-wave network?
  2. will the new z-wave integration is going to affect the network speed as well?
  1. Depends on which nodes you remove, but it could make it slower
  2. No