Z-wave node struggles to keep connected

I have two z-wave nodes in my garage;
Node 17 is the light switch, hard wired to the power of the manual light switch.
Node 18 is the PIR for motion detection (battery powered at 90%).

The nodes are placed only 1 meter apart inside the garage.

I set up these two nodes from their location in the garage, via the z-wave interface within Home Assistant. It was all good for 1-2 weeks, then the PIR started to fade out. I could see it was working from the red indication light when PIR was triggered, but it failed to send signals to the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5.

The light switch does not report any Neighbors. Despite of that I am able to control the light switch from the button I have assigned in Lovelace, giving me a clue it is communicating fine with the Z-Stick and Home Assistant.
Now: I would expect the PIR to do the same, or at least use the light switch node as relay, but I t seems to fail at this point.

Both nodes are capable of routing and are z-wave plus compatible.
The PIR do in fact report neighbors when inside the house. When put in the garage none of the two nodes report any neighbors.

How can I get this to work flawlessly?
Is it possible to force the PIR to relay via the switch node?
How do I check how well the Z-wave communication works for the switch?
The switch reports no neighbors. Does that mean it connects directly to the USB Z-wave stick?

Any light shed on this is very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Use the project from this thread to map your zwave network :slight_smile:

It should report at least node 1 as a neighbor if it’s connected to the zwave stick.

Honestly more zwave powered nodes (aka non-battery nodes) make your zwave network stronger.

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Even if it can be operated through Home Assistant…?
This node reports no neighbor, but it operates…

It should always a the minimum report the zwave stick as a neighbor.


Even my battery device lists neighbors.

I know. And I would too expect it to report at least one neighbor. Even so. The swich (node 17) still accepts remote on/off instructions from Home Assistant.

Very strange, once you install the graph I’d check to see what it shows.

Just for comparison: All of my nodes work fine, but not all report neighbours, and those that do report neighbours do not all have the stick (node 1) listed as their neighbour.

Thank you for the comparison, mate :slight_smile:

This is a screen shot of the motion detector, which is powered by battery, not of the light switch.

The wake up interval is set to 43,200 seconds, which is 12 hours. The node will wake up every 12 hours and report back to the controller, I believe this includes neighbor information. If you have restarted the ZWave network (i.e. restarted HA), the neighbor information is not known and you’ll have to wait for the next wake up time, or force a wake up yourself usually with a button press on the device to see any neighbor information.

Here is the graph. What seems odd is that the PIR (Node 18) is connected, while node 17 reports failed.
I just re-confirmed I can switch the garage light on/off from the Home Assistant app :slight_smile:

Very nice add-on by the way :slight_smile:
Cudos to @AdamNaj

Sorry, I guess you posted both nodes. I can’t explain the switch neighbor situation then. :slightly_frowning_face:

What would the recommended wake up interval be?

You could try a Heal Network that might help with routing, but it seems your PIR is connected directly to the stick and working fine.

Probably depends on how often you want to change batteries. The longer the time, the less the device wakes up and uses energy, the lower the time the more often it wakes up and uses energy. Personally I set all of mine to 43200. Also probably depends on what the device does when it wakes up (e.g. what info it sends to the controller). The downside is that when you restart the network, the node information (state, neighbors, etc.) are unknown until the node wakes up.

… or until I force-awaken it by pushing the button, right?

I do a Heal network now, and wait until to morrow to check it out.
Its 10:54 PM here in Norway now, so I´ll head to bed.
Catching up tomorrow

Yes, you can force a wake up. Not always convenient though. For example, my door sensor buttons are behind the cover which is secured with a tiny screw.

Here is the status in the chart this very minute.

I have managed to remotely (via Home Assistant) turn the light on and off. The PIR even reports it got neighbors;