Z-wave – not able to remove node

I have extended HA with Z-wave (Rpi4b + AEOTEC Z-wave Stick Gen5), and successfully added:

  • a door sensor (Sensative Strips Guard)
  • a dimmer (Qubino Mini Dimmer Z-Wave Plus)

After a few days the dimmer broke and I have got a new one from my supplier.

Before adding the new dimmer (inclusion) I want to remove the old one (remove).

The dimmer is included in my z-wave network as “node 6”.

I tried to remove it from HA, both with the z-wave stick plugged in the Rpi and with the stick removed from the Rpi.

But all my attempts failed, and the node (device and entities) is / are still there …

Can someone put me on the right track?

Regards, Ko

Try forcing the is_failed flag to true.

Worked ! - Thnx, I’ll try to add the new dimmer tomorrow.