Z-wave over MQTT pre-release, how to add nodes, new to HA

I’m new to Home Assistant, not to Z-Wave, but I’m at a loss as to how to interact with the Z-Wave controller from HA to, for example, add new devices.

I need OpenZWave 1.6 so after a false start with the standard Zwave integration I deleted that and I followed the instructions for Z-Wave over MQTT (pre-release) from HACS. HA is working to the point that it has noticed switches already known to the controller (Z-Stick) and I can turn them on/off from Overview, so it is working. But I don’t see where to go to add more ZWave devices.

HACS shows integrations HACS and Z-Wave over MQTT (Pre-Release)
Configuration shows integrations MQTT:Mosquitto broker and ZWave over MQTT: Z-Wave MQTT
Supervisor shows addons Mosquitto broker and Open Z-Wave Daemon.

I think I’ve got everything covered in the Quick Start at https://github.com/cgarwood/homeassistant-zwave_mqtt. What did I miss?

System is Pi 3B+, Hass-io, Z-Stick gen 5.

There is a service call to add nodes. https://github.com/cgarwood/homeassistant-zwave_mqtt/blob/495153389a37267bac5a480b4378457365b73121/custom_components/zwave_mqtt/services.yaml