Z-Wave, Qubino Flush Relay, latency and out of sync

Hi, i have a zwave network with 14 devices. Most of them are Qubino Flush Relays. HA ist running on Ubuntu with docker. I started with HA for 2 month now and really impressed, apart one think with the Qubino Relays…

  • Significant latency when turn on/off >5 Secs.
  • Out of sync - means the HA is showing the switch in off state, but is it on (or otherway around)
  • Timouts in Zwave logs (which is the reason for all the trouble)

I analyse the logs and saw that some switches are flooding the network with changes in the “watt” values. I change the settings so no flooding anymore. But no luck with the problems.

ZWave Graph is not showing anything which point me to the problem. No high RTT or too many hops.

Eg. the relay “schalter_licht_strasse”. Its around 6 meters away from the HA box (where zwave stick is connected). RTT around 1s (too high?). When switching it takes 3-5 secs. or it gets out of sync.

Do anyone has the same experience? I really like the concept of Z-Wave and hoping that i missed something. Currently frustrating…

Zigbee devices are running without any problems. Fast, reliable and always in sync…

Best regards,