Z-wave range question (coming from zigbee)

I have had Zigbee sensors set up on my house for years without an issue. I am using a Conbee 2 with about 17 sensors that are battery operated. I always thought that the sensors all meshed with each other since everything works great but now that i look into it because of looking into Z-wave issues I learned that they do not. I do have hue lights which are zigbee also but they are not on the same network. They use the Hue hub.

I just added a Zooz s2 stick 700 to add zwave to my system because i wanted to add a ring keypad for my alramo, and in the future add a smart lock which most I was looking at are zwave not zigbee.

The issue is the range is trash. I was thinking it would work just like all my sensors but the keypad drops connection not to far from my home assistant server.

I have a zwave plug on the way to use as an extender but after I learned today that I dont have an extender for my zibee network which works fine, I was wondering why is this happening?

I use the same distances for planning ZWave and Zigbee ~25’ between repeaters. (yes the spec SAYS 4x that is possible but walls and people and pets and bathrooms and pipes and stucco are all real things that eat signals)

Yes. That means you can see both my zigbee and ZWave meshes from space. But I also don’t have devices drop. Ever.

Is the stick on an extender cable and then mounted away from the computer?

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No. Both of the sticks are directly into the computer.

Use a short (at least half meter) extension and try to put the sticks on USB2 ports not USB3) USB3 is a huge source of 2.4-3ghz interference)


Zwave battery devices do NOT repeat signals. You can add a few Zwave plugs like these (or similar) that will extend the Zwave mesh network.

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@EndUser brings up a good point, Same for Zigbee - Zigbee battery devices do not repeat (Likely what op alluded to in the initial post) - and some bulbs BOTH technologies (and Thread/Matter BTW) need powered repeaters to strengthen the network. Battery devices are not required to (and assume they dont for planning purposes) so they dont eat the battery just sitting around. So my 25 feet (~8m for everyone else in the world) is between POWERED REPEATERS - I dont even consider battery devices in the planning except can I get coverage where it will live.

What i found strange was that my zigbee worked fine all this time but I guess i just got lucky